How Do I Add My Own Custom Terms?

Collecting Consent 💯

Opt-in to Livestorm's Privacy Policy and Terms

As a result of the GDPR, registrants must now give their explicit permission to our  Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions in order to complete a registration for a webinar. 

We will stock the consent of our registrations as it's required by the GDPR. It looks like this ↓

Custom Terms 📝

In addition, you can now add your own custom terms to the registration form!
  • Just go to your Webinar Settings > Registration, and click on "+add a consent".

In the drop down menu, choose an existing consent or create one from scratch. 

  • Choose a name for your consent (this won't show on your registration form). 
  • Whatever you put in the Consent Text field will appear on your registration page. 
  • And don't forget to click on Save your data !
  • Then check the box under Required if you want to make it mandatory for registration. If it is optional, such as a consent to receiving marketing emails, simply leave the checkbox empty.

An Example

Here is an example of some custom consents that you can add to your registration form 🙂

For more information on Livestorm and the GDPR, please check out our  dedicated blog post.

If you need help on setting up your registration form 👉  How Do I Customize My Webinar's Registration Form?

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