Available Languages

🌎 Doing your webinar for attendees all across the globe? 🌍

Livestorm is currently available in these 25 languages 

🇷🇺русский (Russian) 🇨🇿čeština (Czech)
🇫🇷Français (French) 🇰🇷한국인 (Korean) 🇹🇷Türkçe (Turkish)
🇩🇪Deutsch (German) 🇩🇰Dansk (Danish) 🇫🇮Suomi (Finnish)
🇦🇹Österreichisches Deutsch (Austrian German)
🇳🇱Nederlands (Dutch) 🇸🇮Slovenski (Slovenian)
🇨🇭Schwyzerdütsch (Swiss)
🇵🇱Polski (Polish) 🇯🇵日本の (Japanese)
🇭🇷Hrvatski jezik (Croatian)
🇸🇪Svenska (Swedish) 🇻🇳Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)
🇸🇦عربى (Arabic) 🇳🇴Norsk Bokmål (Norwegian) 🇬🇷ελληνικά (Greek)
🇪🇸Español (Spanish) 🇮🇹Italiano (Italian)
🇧🇷Português-Brasil (Portuguese) 🇱🇹Lietuvos (Lithuanian)

What do we translate?

Everything that is visible to your registrants and attendees:

  • the landing page
  • the webinar room
  • notification emails

How do I select the language?

In your Webinar Settings > General > Language:

Need another language? 

Feel free to get in touch with us at help@livestorm.co 😉