Bulk Import Registrants from Another Source


Sometimes when you move to Livestorm, you already have registrants that subscribed to a previous webinar software or to one of your landing pages. But you don't want to make them register AGAIN through the Livestorm landing page.

You can import contacts from a CSV file to Livestorm using our Zapier integration. If you want to know more about Zapier, you can check out our introductory video.

It's the same process as using your own landing page, but it's a semi-automatic process using a spreadsheet. If you're not sure about what you are doing, please get in touch, we can help with all of your questions.

Here is a step by step guide which explains how to import registrants via Zapier:

🚨GDPR compliance

If you choose to opt for this method, please make sure to collect consent from your registrants to use their data. This is required if you will be using their data to register them yourself.

When collecting consent please don't forget to store the time, IP address and the exact text of the consent for future references. 

Here's the consent your registrants have to give in order to register for your event on Livestorm :

" I agree to Livestorm's Terms of Service and the use of personal data as explained in Livestorm's Privacy Policy "

Frequently Asked Questions

I updated my spreadsheet, but Zapier didn't send anything to Livestorm. Why?

For this type of Zap, as the trigger chosen is an instant one then the data should take roughly around 3 minutes to send through. Try refreshing your page after a few minutes and you should find the data there 👍

Why do my Tasks have a status of "Holding"?

If you have a large number of registrants (100+) you're trying to send to Livestorm, Zapier puts them on hold for you. This helps prevent a significant number of Zapier tasks being sent by mistake, which helps keep your task usage down and prevents tedious work correcting those unintended mistakes later on.

In this case there are two solutions:
  1.  Zapier will send you an email requesting your confirmation to complete this operation. Check your mail to confirm it. Once you confirm, all registrants will be sent to Livestorm 👌
  2. Go to your Task History. You'll see the all your holding tasks (registrations) in the list. Select them all and click "Play". This will act as a confirmation, and Zapier will start sending all your tasks (registrations) to Livestorm ✅

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