Bulk Import Registrants From Another Source

You may already have a list of registrants via your own landing page and you don't want them to sign up again via the Livestorm landing page. In that case, you can import contacts from a Google Sheets file to Livestorm using Zapier.

🚨 GDPR compliance
If you choose to opt for this method, please make sure to collect consent from your registrants to use their data. This is required if you will be using their data to register them yourself.

When collecting consent please don't forget to store the time, IP address, and the exact text of the consent for future references. Here's the consent your registrants have to give in order to register for your event on Livestorm: "I agree to Livestorm's Terms of Service and the use of personal data as explained in Livestorm's Privacy Policy".

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to bulk import registrants to your Livestorm event from another source:

Create a Google Sheets file in which you will add the data of the participants that you want to add to your event. You will need 3 columns (email, first name, last name) + 1 trigger column.

Additional columns cannot be added.
You must have a trigger column in order to make Zapier work with your file. When a cell in this column is modified, the corresponding registrant will automatically be registered to your event.
Log in to your Zapier account (or read our dedicated article if it's the first time you're setting up Zapier with Livestorm).
Create a Zap to connect Google Sheets with Livestorm using "New or Updated Spreadsheet Row" as a trigger and "Create Registrant" as an action.

Choose your Google Sheets account.

Select your spreadsheet, the worksheet, and choose "trigger" as your trigger column.

Test your trigger to make sure it works before going to the next step to set up your action.

Your action event should be set up on "Create Registrant".

Choose your Livestorm account.

Select your event, the event session, then match the email, first name, and last name fields with those on your Google Sheets file.

Test the action to make sure it does send a registrant from your spreadsheet to your Livestorm event.

The registrant "Charlotte9 Livestorm9" was added to the People tab of the event.

As everything is set up and works properly, you can turn your Zap on!

Finally, go to your Google Sheets file and add a letter on the trigger column next to the registrants you want to add to your Livestorm event. It will automatically trigger the Zap.
Livestorm detects duplicates and does not add registrants who are already listed on the event.
All the participants from the Google Sheets file have been added to the People tab of the event.
Processing time may take up to 5 minutes depending on the size of your original file.

When participants are added to your file afterwards, you will only have to add a letter in the trigger column, as before, for them to be automatically added to your Livestorm event.

Automatic emails that are set up on your event, like the registration confirmation email, will be triggered as soon as your Zap adds participants to your event. You can customize and or/delete these emails according to your needs.
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