Access Your Public API Panel

Who can use this feature?Who can use it? Workspace Owner, Admin

Which Pricing Plan?On which plans? All plans

Livestorm's public API allows developers to leverage your events' data to automate processes between Livestorm and your own platform.

With the public API, you can develop integrations to:

  • Register participants from your own registration page
  • Create custom reports for past weeks' events
  • Synchronize contact details
  • Register multiple participants at once

... and much more! 

If you're a developer, you can directly go to our Developers Hub for more detailed information.

API allows you to make 10,000 calls per 30-day period. What does this "30-day period" mean? It means we limit to 10,000 requests per 30 days from the first request made. This limit is called later "monthly rate limit" and is reset once the 30 days are over. Under the  API panel of your Account Settings, you can access your API information to monitor your calls as well as manage and generate API tokens. This article will show you everything you need to know about you API panel! 

Only the workspace owner and admins can access and generate new API tokens.

In this article

Access the API Panel

Once you active the Public API integration in the App marketplace, you can directly accesss your API panel in account settings to help automate and leverage your events' data. Here you can manage everything related to you API!

Go to Account Settings.
Click on the Public API tab at the bottom.
You can now see your API calls, limits, and tokens.

Monitor Your Calls

You can easily track and monitor your API usage and rate limits within the API panel. You will also receive notifications regarding your usage.

When you exceed your quota your request will be rejected and you'll receive an HTTP 429 response code. From this point, you'll have to wait for the required time to make new successful API calls. If this happens, use the Retry-After and RateLimit-Reset to retry your API call.

If you need to upgrade your monthly API rate limit, you can increase this limit by buying an Add-on. Please contact your account manager or our support team at for more information (kindly note that this upgrade is only possible for Business and Enterprise plans).

Go to the Public API tab under your account settings.
You will see a tracker under the API monitoring tab. There you can monitor how far along you are in your API calls quota. If you are an admin, you will also see a prompt to increase your quota if necessary. 
To increase your quota, click on Book a call with sales.
You will then be directed to schedule a call with our sales team at Livestorm through Chili Piper.

Manage API Tokens

You may want to generate new tokens to create and authenticate your API calls. You can do so easily under the Tokens management section of the Public API panel. Here youwill be able to see all previously create tokens.

Generate a New Token

Only admins can generate new tokens. Members will still be able to monitor API calls, but will NOT have access to the tokens management tab

Access the Token management section.
Click on Create a token now.
Choose a name for your token (1) and set the permissions for your token (2) according to your needs.
Click on Generate token. Your token key is now generated 🎉
You can then copy the the API key by clicking on Copy API key.
Once your key is copied, you can paste it wherever you need. If applicable, click on Copy code again otherwise choose Close.

Edit a Token

Once created, you can edit a token at any time.

Access your Token management tab.
Click on the token that you want to edit. You can then choose to edit the name (1), the permissions (2), or enable/disable the token (3).
Once you have make the necessary changes, click on Save. Your edits have now been saved! 🎉

Revoke a Token

If you no longer need a token you can choose to revoke it, deleting it from your API panel.

Choose on the token that you want to revoke and click on Revoke token.
Confirm that you understand what this entails and that you still want to revoke this token by checking the box. Click on Revoke this API token.
Your token has now been revoked.
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