Infinite Screens & Mirror Effects


Infinite screens

Sharing a screen that is visible will create an infinite effect just like when you are looking at yourself in a mirror inside an elevator. It looks like this:

Don't worry this is not a bug, it's a well-known effect that happens on every software. When you change tabs or apps people won't see this effect anymore :)

In order to prevent this effect you have two options:

1) Use an extra monitor for your screen sharing.

2) Share an "Application window" instead of your entire screen. This way you won't be getting the mirror effect.

My logo is inverted

In web-conferencing when you are turning on your webcam, the written elements on the scene (a logo in the background for example) are inverted to mimic a mirror.

Will my attendees get the same effect?

No. They will get the stream with the correct background. 

Picture this: a mirror shows you an inverted image, but  the attendee will see you as if they were in front of you.