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The Livestorm / Salesforce integration will link your Livestorm workspace with your Salesforce instance.

For the complete overview of our integration with Salesforce, feel free to read our dedicated article.

The Salesforce integration isn't retroactive: sessions created before the integration is activated won't be synchronised as campaigns into Salesforce, and as a result new registration to these sessions won't trigger new campaign members in Salesforce.

Our Salesforce integration is only available to our Enterprise customers with at least an Integrations pack.

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Configure Salesforce with Livestorm

First you will have to create a custom field called “Livestorm Status” on the Campaign Member object in your Salesforce instance.

Go into the "Setup" menu by clicking on the gear on the top right corner of your Salesforce home screen.
Follow the path: Objects and fields > Object Manager > Campaign Member > Fields and relationships > New
Select the data type Picklist and click on Next.
Set the Field Label to Livestorm Status. Make sure that the API Name of the field is "Livestorm_Status__c". If there is any misspelling or typo in the API Name of the field, the connector won't function properly.
Select the second option in values, Enter values, with each value separated by a new line and add the following values:

  • Registered
  • Attended
  • Did not attend
  • To register

Click Next until you get to the last step 4/4 and then click on Save.

Configure the Livestorm Salesforce Integration

Now that your Salesforce instance is correctly set up to use the integration, let's set up your Salesforce / Livestorm connector.

Go to
On top right corner, click Sign In and log into your Livestorm account selecting the Login to the app option.

Select the Salesforce card.

Connect your Salesforce account. Remember to choose the credentials of a user who has a System Administrator profile in your Salesforce instance.

If you are using a Production environment, select the Production option, or select the Sandbox option if you're using a Sandbox environment, and click Proceed.

Now the fun part begins! You will be asked to map the fields of your Salesforce Campaign Member object with the fields available on the Livestorm Registrant object: for every Salesforce Campaign Member field that you want to fill with Livestorm data, simply select the corresponding Livestorm field. You will also see your own custom fields in the list, allowing you to tailor the flow to your specific rules and needs.

Your integration with Salesforce is ready to be enabled, all you have to do is click Save. You will then see the new flow created, just make sure that it is set to active and you are good to go!

The integration is activated across all of your events by default, so you won’t have to enable it for each event in the Livestorm platform like in other integrations.

How It Works

This integration will:

  • Create a Salesforce Campaign whenever you create a Livestorm Session.
  • Create a registrant to the Livestorm session whenever someone is added to this campaign as a campaign member (either manually or via a Salesforce flow / Pardot form completion action), given this campaign member has the value “To Register” in the “Livestorm Status” custom field.
  • Update the Salesforce Campaign Member with the custom field “Livestorm Status” and the value “Registered”.
  • Once the event session is over,it will update the field "Livestorm Status" with the value “Attended” or “Did not attend”, and update any other custom fields mapped during the setup.


  • The value of the campaign member custom field Livestorm Status must be updated to “To Register” when the contact/lead is added to the campaign.
    • This can be done either manually or using Salesforce Flows and other Salesforce automations.
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