Webinar Premium: Pricing and Plans

When you first sign up for Livestorm, you get a free plan. You'll be able to publish unlimited test webinars for free. When you upgrade to a Premium plan, you can run an unlimited number of webinars (up to 4 hour duration) with unlimited registrants. This article covers the most common plan, billing, and payment questions.

Webinar Premium (per host) Webinar Premium (per host) Webinar Premium (per host)
100 live attendees 250 live attendees 1000 live attendees
€89/month (billed annually)
€178 (billed annually)
€268 (billed annually)
$99/month (billed annually)
$198/month (billed annually)
$308/month (billed annually)
All features included All features included All features included

*previously Starter

*previously Company

*previously Enterprise

Our pricing is per host and nominative. Each additional host incurs an add-on fee. (More details here: How to add team members)

Moderators & guest speakers are free and unlimited ! You may add as many as you need 👌

Most Common Questions

Free Plan

How does the free plan work?

When you sign up to Livestorm, you get a free plan to try the platform with no day limit. You’ll get to publish as many webinars as you'd like for free. The webinar will be limited to 10 registrants, 10 attendees, and a 20 minute duration. Your test webinars will be accessible on any browser including on mobile or tablet devices.


What is a "live attendee" ?

We consider a live attendee as someone who steps in the webinar room (or the waiting screen) for at least one time. 

Our platform works with a first come, first serve basis. Registrants can reserve their spot before the webinar starts by clicking on their access link. We will count live attendees starting from 4 hours before the planned start of your webinar. Anyone in your People tab in the webinar room that has a grey spot next to their name would be someone who has reserved their spot but is not currently online. They may not show up to the actual webinar, but if they've connected at least once, we'll save their seat in case they'll be back. We've opted for this logic because the majority of our customers need this "reservation" system.

There are no limitations for registrations however, only on people in the webinar room - live attendees.

What happens when I reach the attendee limit of my plan?

When you reach the attendee limit of your current plan, you'll get a pop up notification in the webinar room, asking whether you'd like to upgrade your plan or not. If you upgrade, the changes will take place immediately, and additional people will be able to enter the room without a problem. 

If you choose not to upgrade, additional people who try to enter will be redirected to a page stating that the room is at capacity. So they won't be able to enter the room.

Subscription Features

Is there any difference between plans in terms of features?

No, all features are included regardless of the plan you choose. The only difference is the number of attendees you can have per webinar.

Do I have a limit on the number of webinars I can host per month?

No, you can host as many webinars as you like, we won’t limit you in any way.

Do you have a plan for 1000+ attendees?

With our biggest plan, you can hold webinars up to 1000 live attendees. It means that maximum 1000 attendees will be able to join the webinar room. You don't have a limit when it comes to registrations. We don't have a plan for 1000+ for now, but feel free to reach out at help@livestorm.co so we can add your vote to our roadmap :)

Do you support multiple hosts?

Yes! You can add multiple hosts to your Livestorm account. Our pricing is per host, nominative, and costs the Webinar Premium fee. You can check out our pricing page for more information.

Is the moderator a billable role?

No, you can add as many moderators to your account as you like. It's free of charge 💸

Can I switch roles (host and moderator status) at anytime?

Sure you can! However as our pricing is per host and based on your renewal date, you will be charged a pro-rated fee to upgrade a moderator into a host. Downgrading a host to a moderator does not incur a pro-rated refund. 

Managing Your Subscription

How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to your Settings > Billing > Manage my subscription > click on Cancel my subscription. But before make sure there's not something we can do to make you stay. Everything is possible :)

Can I pause my Livestorm account?

If you opt for one of our monthly plans, yes. In fact, you can cancel your account from your Account Settings at any time. 

Feel free to check out our article for more details on Managing your Subscription 👌 


Do you have a pricing per webinar?

Our pricing is defined through monthly and annual subscriptions. So we don't have a pricing per webinar. If you don't plan on using Livestorm on a regular basis, you can opt for our monthly subscription and cancel before your renewal date. This way you'll be charged for only one month.

How much are extra hosts?

If you pay in EUR, an additional host on a monthly plan is 99€/mo. An additional host on a yearly plan is 89€/mo. 

If you pay in USD, an additional host on a monthly plan is $109/mo. An additional host on a yearly plan is $99/mo. 

Billing & Payment

Does it automatically renew?

Yes, our plans are subscriptions so they automatically renew each month (for monthly plans) or each year (for annual plans). We have a message right inside the Billing menu when you sign up, so there are no surprises 🙂

For monthly - your subscription will renew on the same day each month, so if you sign up on March 3rd, your plan will renew on the 3rd of each month.  For annual - your subscription will renew on the same day and month each year. That being said, you are free to cancel your plan at anytime to avoid renewing, you can see more here: Managing your Subscription.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. Never. We cannot charge you unless you have accepted our consent checkboxes for the related subscription/add-ons.

How is the payment made?

All payments are encrypted and processed via Stripe. We use Chargebee to manage billing and subscription procedures.

Can I pay in US Dollars?

Yes! Just make sure to select USD in the Billing menu when you upgrade 💵

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

Is the account owner a billable role? 

Yes, the account owner is a host by default, unless you've switched them to a moderator and added a different host. 

If you need to change the owner/host's email address, you can do that in your Account settings. All you have to do is click to edit and then enter the new email. Once the new email is confirmed, the account transfer will be complete.

How do I update my credit card information?

You can update payment details from your Settings > Billing > Payment Method.

How can I receive my invoice through email?

For this you can just send a quick message to help@livestorm.co and let us know which email address you would like them to be sent to. Please bear in mind, if the email address is different to the account owner's, the emails will also be sent to the account owner.