How Does the Trial Work on Livestorm?

Difference between Trial and Premium plans

Welcome aboard 🙌

When you sign up to Livestorm, you get a free account to try the platform. We offer the possibility to publish one webinar for free. The webinar will be limited to 10 attendees and a 30 minutes duration. The cross-browser feature won't be enabled for Safari and IE. Your webinar will only be accessible on Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Once you have published it, you will not able to publish a new one and will be asked to enter your billing details.

Also, if you really need to test our premium features ping us on the chat ;)

Features Free trial Premium plan (starter)
Live attendees max 10 100
Duration max 30min 240min (including 120min of recording)
IE and Safari support No Yes
Mobile support No Yes
Unlimited webinars published No (1 max) Yes

Signing up to Livestorm

You can create your free account  just here.

Once you're done, you will receive an email to confirm that you are not a bot. Click the link in the email. You will be redirected to the login page, enter your credentials to log in and voilà you're in! Now you can create your first webinar :)


Upgrading to a higher plan

In order to upgrade, you must  go to your billing settings and fill your billing information. Payment requires a credit card and is processed by Stripe to guarantee your safety. If you want to use wire transfer, reach out directly to us via chat or