How Do I Moderate My Webinar?


How to kick someone from the webinar room

In order to kick someone from your webinar, you must have moderator rights. As a host, you automatically have those rights. You can then click on the three little dots next to a profile either on the chat or the people tab. This will display a certain number of options in which you will find "Kick [Name]". Just click to ban that person from your webinar. They will be disconnected from the webinar and won't be able to log in again.

Note: you can "unkick" someone by clicking again on the same button again.

How to delete a message or a question

Same thing here, just pick a different option in the dropdown next to a message or a question in the questions tab.

How to edit an answer in the Questions tab

You've submitted an answer to a question, but you'd like to edit it for numerous reasons, an overlooked type, missing information, etc. Easy, just click . on the three little dots next to the question and choose "Edit answer".

Why are there participants in the room even though I have not started the webinar?

Sometimes, before your start the webinar, you will see people connected to the room, but don't worry they cannot access the room or see you. 

  • If they have the green dot next to their name, they are connected and on the waiting page.
  • If the dot is gray, they are not connected. They have connected at least once to the webinar, fall on the waiting page, and closed the window.