Livestorm API


Livestorm's public API allows your developers to leverage your webinars' data to automate processes between Livestorm and your own platform.

With the public API, you can develop integrations to:

  • Register participants from your own registration page
  • Create custom reports for past weeks' webinars
  • Synchronise contact details
  • Register multiple participants at once

...and much more!


All you need is a Livestorm account to use our API. If you don't have one yet, take a couple of minutes to sign up first.

Also, to authenticate your API request, you will need an API Token. To get one, simply fill this form: Get my API token


Once you've received your API Token from our team – simply pass it for each API request in the Authorization header.

A good way to test your Token is to call our /ping endpoint.

If you receive a 200 code, you're good to go!


The API involves three main resources: Event, Session, and People.


It is a virtual event (live or pre-recorded) that is hosted on Livestorm. It can be a webinar, a masterclass, a live stream of an IRL webinar, a scheduled meeting, etc.

It contains all high-level information of the webinar/meeting such as its title, the registration form fields, estimated_duration – and more.


An instance (session) of an Event. It can be one of many sessions of the same webinar, scheduled meeting – or the unique session of an on-demand webinar.

It contains the details about its estimated_started_at date, its status – and more.


Represents the registrant, guest speaker or team member of a Livestorm account. It can be linked to an Event or a Session of an Event.

It contains all the person's details such as their email, first_name , last_name , but also the response to the registration form fields – and more.

You may find the full API reference at If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Rate Limits and Quotas

For security reasons, there is a rate limit on our API; this means you can't make more than 5 requests per second.

Also, each account as an API quotas of 10.000 calls per month. If you need more API calls, please reach out to us.