Editing Your Workspace

Your Workspace profile is created the first time you create a Livestorm account. It includes your company information and main contact email in case your registrants need to reach out to you. 

You can access your workspace information by going to your Account settings > Workspace profile.

Updating your workspace information

If you need to update any information belonging to your company, just click on the relevant field to update it. We will save all changes automatically.

Updating your contact email

In case you registrants reply back to any of our automatic event emails, you can designate a specific email to have them delivered there. In order to do this, just add the email address in the contact email field.

Changing your slug

The slug is the extension of your Livestorm account to display your company page. It is also used in the URL of your registration pages, webinar and webinar rooms. 

The slug is created automatically and based on the company name you've put in the sign up form. 

If you need to change your slug, you can do it by clicking on the “Edit” button that will appear when you hover on the slug field:

The changes will be applied to your company, registration pages, meeting and webinar rooms. The URLs with the former slug will no longer be accessible. 

The slug is unique for each workspace, so if the slug already exists, you won't be able to use it.

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