Export Your Webinar Data

In Livestorm, you can export your webinar and attendees data as CSV, XLSX and ODS.


Exporting your webinars data

You can export all your webinars to have a global data sheet of your activity on Livestorm. To do so, just go on your main dashboard and click on the export button. 

Exporting Custom Registration Fields

In order to display, and export your custom registration fields, you'll have to filter your event with a session. You can click on "+filter with a session" to display this data.

You can then choose which registration fields you'd like to display by using the active columns on the right side of your screen.

Exporting the Chat

It's not possible to export the chat for the moment. However, we'd be happy to help you with this! Feel free to drop a note at hello@livestorm.co or a message on our live chat. The final format is a CSV file.

Exporting Questions

Again, this action requires a manual operation from our side. It's not available on your end yet. Feel free to contact us at hello@livestorm.co or through the live chat. Like the chat export, the final format is a CSV file.

Exporting Polls

You can export the poll answers from your People menu. You'll be able to see the poll answers by email. Here's a quick video on how to export your data:

Exporting your attendees' data

You can also export all your data from a single webinar so that you can crunch your audience data. 

  1. On your main dashboard, click on a webinar.
  2. Go to the "People" tab
  3. Click on the export button and export as CSV/XLSX/ODS

Recurring Events

In order to export data of specific session, you'll have to filter your recurring event. You can do that by clicking on the "filter with a session" button. You'll get a popup window where you'll be able to select the session you'd like. You'll be able to do the export afterwards.

 Active columns

With active columns, you can display specific data belonging to your event. Choose which data you'd like to display with the dropdown menu.

Import your CSV file to Excel or Google Sheet

You can already export your data as XLSX, but we'll just leave this this tutorial from Microsoft here if you'd like to import the CSV to Excel anyway. Using Google Sheet? Follow this tutorial instead.