Managing Your Subscription


How to subscribe

You may upgrade directly in your account, just click on the green  Upgrade now button in the top right corner. Then click on Subscribe under Webinar Premium. 

Then click on Subscribe under Webinar Premium. 

Select your currency, number of live attendees, and type of billing cycle. You'll see the summary of the cost at the bottom. 

Then you may click on Subscribe. A payment window will appear asking for your billing address. 

European customers: make sure to add your VAT Registration # so that the respective VAT will be added or removed if applicable.

Then enter your billing details. 

Once payment is processed, your plan will be active immediately and as it's a subscription - will renew automatically. 

Your billing tab will now look like this :

And you can see exactly when your next billing date is πŸ™‚

How to update your payment method

In your Settings > Billing tab, scroll down to the Billing Details section :

This popup will appear, click on Edit Payment Method :

Then update your billing details : Click Update πŸš€and you're all set !


You can upgrade on the fly and anytime you prefer from your Billing menu. You can even upgrade on the same day of the webinar or during the webinar. Although we recommend monitoring the number of registrants and upgrading your plan before your webinar. 

Upgrades are instant and you'll receive a pro-rated invoice

A side pane will appear where you can select more or less live attendees or a different billing cycle. 

You can view right away your immediate charges and renewal charges. Just click on confirm updates to submit!


If you don't want to keep the higher plan for the next month, please don't forget to downgrade your plan before your next renewal date. For example, if your renewal is the 11th of the month and you cancel on the 7th, you will have access to the premium features until the 11th and your subscription will end on the 11th. 

All downgrades come to effect at the end of the current billing period

For example :

So as you can see everything is pretty clear in the Billing menu πŸ˜‰

How to pause/cancel your account

We don't have a pause feature but you may cancel at anytime! It works the same way. 

All you need to do is log in to your account, go to your Settings > Billing tab, and click on Manage my subscription. If you want to cancel Webinar Premium, go to that box and to Meet Premium if you want to cancel that. 

Please cancel your account before your renewal date if you don't want to be charged again. Since we provide the flexibility and option to cancel at anytime, we unfortunately cannot provide refunds if you cancel your plan after your renewal date. 

Then just let us know why and submit : And you'll see confirmation in red letting you know when it will end and not renew :

While we're very sad to see you leave, we hope you'll consider us again in the future for your webinars! We roll out new features and improvements like a G6 πŸ›©

Access after canceling

If you cancel your account, you will be downgraded to our free plan. So you will have the free plan limitations: up to 10 registrants and a 20 minute duration for your future webinars. This applies to on-demand webinars as well, so up to 10 registrants. 

You will still have access to your account and webinars but a limited view of your data/statistics. We do delete some of your data after 15 days so make sure to download your replays and run exports before your subscription ends. See below for exactly what we do and do note delete.

If you cancel your Webinar Premium plan, after 15 days we will delete:

  • Webinars and their sessions
  • Guest speakers and registrants
  • Replays
  • Chat messages, polls and questions

If you cancel your Meet Premium plan, after 15 days we will delete:

  • Instant meeting rooms
  • Scheduled meetings and their sessions
  • Scheduled meeting registrants
  • Scheduled meeting recordings
  • Chat messages, polls and questions

We will keep the following data as long as you do not delete your workspace:

  • Team members
  • Integrations
  • Custom emails
  • Workspaces settings

Bear in mind that if you reactivate your plan within 15 days following the end of your subscription, we will keep all of your data. 

How to view invoices

They are located at the very bottom of your Billing menu :

Nothing happens when you click on View or Download ? 

Your pop-ups are probably blocked. By default, Google Chrome blocks pop-ups from automatically showing up on your screen. 

When a pop-up is blocked, the address bar will be marked Pop-up blocked :

If you see this little symbol in the top right of your browser bar, just click on it and allow the popup πŸ™‚ Then you should be able to view/download your invoices!

How to receive invoices by email

Invoices are not sent automatically by email, but if you would like them to be, this is possible! 

Just send a quick message to and let us know which email address you would like them to be sent to. Please bear in mind, if the email address is different from the account owner's, the emails will also be sent to the account owner.