Get the Session ID

You might need a session ID for several purposes, such as connecting your Hubspot registration form to a Livestorm event, registering participants from a Marketo form, or using it for your triggers in Zapier. You could also need it for the Livestorm API to register people to a specific session. 

In this article, we'll show you that you can get the session ID either from the event room or from the registration page.

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Get the Session ID From the Event Room

Go to your event.
Then click on Event room

The session ID is in the URL of your event's room: "?s= XXXX". It's the part which is between the "=" and the "#". You can directly take the ID from the URL:

Get the Session ID From the Registration Page

You can also find the session ID in the URL of the registration page of the event.

To do so, click on your event.

Then click on Registration page.

You can choose either the Detailed registration page or the Light one. 

Select the session you need the ID from:

The session ID appears in the URL:

In both cases, you only need to copy it from the URL and paste it where it's needed! 🎉

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