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Once you've created your event sessions, you can view them on your dashboard either from your Event View or from your Calendar View.

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Event View

When logging in to Livestorm, you will be directed by default to the Event View. This is where you can see all your event sessions displayed as a list.

You can create an event by clicking on the +new event button at the top right corner.

You can add/delete columns by clicking on active columns and selecting/deselecting the ones you'd like to display and rearrange their order by dragging and dropping them.

To hide a column, you can also click on the title section of the column and click on Hide column.

You can choose the type of events you want to display and display the event sessions according to the team members assigned to them.

You can also Export your sessions in an Excel, CSV, or ODS format.

Calendar View

Your event sessions are also displayed in a Calendar view.

You can create a new event either by clicking on the + new event button at the top right corner or by directly clicking on your calendar on the chosen slot.

By default, the events created from the calendar are booked for 1 hour but you can of course change the duration in the settings.

By clicking on an event from the calendar, it will open a side panel allowing you to:

  1. Go to the session dashboard
  2. Go to the event settings
  3. Register someone manually
  4. Change the date, time and timezone
  5. Join the event room
  6. Copy the room link
  7. Add team members
  8. Add guest speakers
  9. Delete the session

Don't forget to Save your updates.

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