Register to a Livestorm Event from a LinkedIn Event

You may want to promote your Livestorm event through LinkedIn. In that case, one way to do it is to create a LinkedIn event and invite your contacts. 

This solution allows you, using Zapier, to automatically register to your Livestorm event anyone that registers to your LinkedIn event. When someone registers for your LinkedIn event, they have to fill out a registration form. That form is auto-filled with your LinkedIn information.

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Create Your LinkedIn Event

Let's see first how to create your LinkedIn Event.

Create a new event with a page as the organizer (or create it from your organization page).
Make it an online event and add the link to your Livestorm event room as the external link.
Make sure to use the LinkedIn Registration form and use the following for the privacy policy link:
Also make sure that the date and time of your event match those of your Livestorm event.

Create Your Zap to Connect to Livestorm

You now need to create a Zap that will allow you to connect LinkedIn and Livestorm.


Create a new Zap.

In the  Trigger field, select LinkedIn Ads Premium.


In the Trigger Event field, select either New Lead Gen Form Response or New Event Registration Form Response.


Connect your LinkedIn account and set up the trigger for your organization and event.


For the Action, choose Livestorm as your application and then Create Registrant for the Event.


Connect your Livestorm account and select your event and session.

Map the Livestorm registration fields with the Livestorm fields. The minimum required is:
  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name


(Optional) You can also input text for UTM data.


You can now activate your Zap by switching the toggle button on the top right corner. 🎉

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