Register people using your Marketo forms

In this article, we'll show you how to connect your Marketo form to a Livestorm event and, optionally, get all the information needed for your emailing campaign directly in Marketo.

For the complete overview of our integration with Marketo, feel free to read our dedicated article.

In this article

Create a Custom Field "Livestorm_sessionid" For Your Leads

In Admin > Data Management > Field Management, click on New Custom Field.
Fill in the form with the following information and click on Create:

  • Object: Person
  • Type: String
  • Name: Livestorm_sessionid
  • API Name: livestormsessionid

Create a Livestorm Webhook

In Admin > Integration > Webhooks, click on New Webhook.
Fill in the form with the following information and click on Save:
  • Webhook Name: Register
  • Participant URL:{{lead.Livestorm_sessionid:default=edit me}}/people 
  • Request Type: POST 
  • Template
  "data": {
    "type": "people",
    "attributes": {
      "fields": [
          "id": "email",
          "value": {{lead.Email Address:default=edit me}}
	   "value": {{lead.First Name:default=edit me}}
	    "value": {{lead.Last Name:default=edit me}}
  • Request Token Encoding: JSON 
  • Response Type: JSON
  • 3
    Click on Webhook actions> Set Custom Header and add the following properties to your header:
    • Authorization: [your API Key]
    • Content-Type: application/json

    Create a Smart Campaign Triggered by the Submission of Your Form

    In Marketing Activities, select your program and click on New> New Smart Campaign.
    In your new Smart Campaign, under Smart List, select the trigger Fills Out Form and select your form.

    Change the Data Value in Flow

    In your smart campaign, in Flow, add an action Change Data Value with the following information:

    Add a Call Webhook action and select the Register participant webhook you've just created.
    Add any other action you would need for your campaign (change program status, send registration email,...).

    Additional Information

    • If you use any custom attributes for your registration, you would need to map them between Marketo and Livestorm in the "template" part of your webhook.
    • If you want to save the unique access link of a registrant to use it in your email campaign, you would need to:
      • Create a custom field for your lead to temporarily store this link.
      • Create a custom field for your program member to store this link.
        • In your webhook, under response mapping, you can send "data.attributes.connection_link" to this new field.
      • In the flow of your smart campaign, add a Change Program Member Data action to change the value of an attribute storing the unique access link using this field.
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