Set up your Marketo integration

Marketo is a marketing automation platform that enables marketers to manage personalized multi-channel programs and campaigns for prospects and customers. 

For the complete overview of our integration with Marketo, feel free to read our dedicated article.

In this article, we'll show you how to set up Marketo and connect it with Livestorm.

This feature is available for Enterprise customers.

In this article

Set Up Marketo

To authenticate your Marketo application, you will need three elements: your Client ID, your Client secret, and your Account ID. Let’s see how to get them. 😉

Create an API Role

First, you will create a “fake” user in your account, also known as API role.

Go to Admin > Security > Users & Roles and click on Invite new user.
Fill in the first form (no email will be sent to invite this fake user). Remember the email address as we will use it in the next step.
You will then need to set permissions like in the screenshot below (API role + API Only).

The permissions of the API Role should be configured in Admin > Users & Roles > Roles with these 2 permissions: Read-Only Asset & Read-Write Lead.

Then, proceed through the last step. You are done! 🎉

Create a New Launchpoint

Go to Admin > Integration > Launchpoint and click on New > New service.
Choose a display name of your choice (Livestorm for example).
Select  Custom as Service.
Provide a description.
In the API Only User field, select the email you've previously entered and then click on Create.

Get Your Client ID & Client Secret

Go to Admin > Integration > Launchpoint and click on View details for the service you want to use (”Livestorm”, in our case).
Here you will find your Client ID and Client Secret.

Get Your Account ID

Go to Admin > Integration > Webservices.
In the "Rest API" section, copy the ID appearing in the Endpoint link (for example, here the ID is 578-JCM-841).
This is your Account ID.

Connect Marketo With Livestorm

Go to your App marketplace in your Livestorm Dashboard and select the Marketo card.
Then, simply copy-paste your Client ID, your Client Secret and your Account ID in the following highlighted fields and click on Connect.

When everything looks like, this you are authenticated. 🎉

Link a Livestorm Event With a Marketo Program

Now that your app is authenticated (see previous part), you can link a Livestorm event with a Marketo program.

Go to your Event > Settings > Apps and click on Select Marketo Program.

Then,  select the Program you wish to send data to and click on Save changes.

You are now good to go! 🎉

Data Sent From Livestorm to Marketo

Each time someone registers to your event :

  • We will create (or update) a Lead in Marketo (with email, first name, last name if they are provided).
  • We will associate this Lead as a Program Member to the Program you've linked the event to.

When the event ends we update the Program member Status like this:

  • The default status is "Registered".
  • If Lead did not attend, his Program Member status is "No show".
  • If Lead did attend, his Program Member status is "Attended".
  • If Lead watched an on-demand event, his Program member status is "Attended on-demand".

Please use the default statuses Marketo sets up with the “Webinar” Program template. If you don’t, we won’t be able to select them accordingly.

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