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Engaging with audiences is key to effective communication. That's why we're excited to introduce our cool features: Emoji Reactions and Raise Hands. These tools make it easier for presenters and participants to connect, adding more fun and interaction to our platform. Let's take a closer look at how they make communication more lively and engaging.

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Add Emoji Reactions to Your Event Room

With  Emoji Reactions, you can add more interactivity to your events. Activating the Emoji Reactions will allow everyone in the room to react with smiley & people emojis. How fun is that? 🎉

The Emoji Reactions feature isn't available on Instant Meetings.

Emoji Reactions will be displayed on the replay of the event. You will also be able to see who sent which emoji.

Go to your Event Settings > Event Room and check the Enable Emoji Reactions box

You will then have a React button in the room and can choose between several emoji reactions.

Have fun with the Emoji Reactions during your events! 😉

Allow People on Stage to Raise Their Hand

The Raise Hand feature simplifies interaction by letting participants on stage signal their desire to contribute easily. It encourages collaboration, making it simple for individuals on stage to speak up and share their insights. For facilitators, it's a breeze to manage discussions with instant notifications of hand raises and clear participant tracking in the list. This straightforward approach keeps conversations focused and dynamic, ensuring smooth communication flow throughout.

Enable the feature in your Event Room Settings.

Click on React and then Raise your hand.

There will be a notification announcing a person on stage raised their hands.

You can check on the People tab who raised their hands thanks to the icon next to their names.

By hovering over the icon, you can lower the hand of the person.

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