Add Emoji Reactions to Your Event Room

With  Emoji Reactions, you can add more interactivity to your events. Activating the Emoji Reactions will allow everyone in the room to react with smiley & people emojis. How fun is that? 🎉

The Emoji Reactions feature isn't available on Instant Meetings.

Once you join your event room, a message will be displayed in the chat tab asking you whether you'd like to Activate or Dismiss the Emoji Reactions.

This message is only visible to hosts.

If you want to check what the Emoji Reactions look like before deciding to enable them or not in your event, you can click on Preview.

You can then choose if you want to Activate or Dismiss the Emoji Reactions.

If you Activate or Dismiss the Emoji Reactions, it will not be reversible. It will directly be applied to your event and to each individual session of a recurring event. Make sure to choose the right option!

Emoji Reactions will be displayed on the replay of the event. You will also be able to see who sent which emoji.

Once activated, you can send Emoji Reactions with the emoji button on your dock. We've made a selection of the most used ones for you. 🙌

Otherwise, sending emojis in the chat will also display them in the room as long as they are smiley & people emojis.

Have fun with the Emoji Reactions during your events! 😉

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