Instant Meetings

Instant Meeting rooms provide a great way to host quick video sessions with your collaborators, prospects, and customers. No registration required. Just share the link to your meeting room with anyone and jump in the room. It's that simple!

Our Free Plan accommodates up to 4 attendees in a meeting room. If you opt for our Premium plan, you can have up to 12 attendees in your meeting rooms. We support one screen sharing at a time for both plans.

Custom backgrounds & blurring aren't available with Instant Meetings.


Create an Instant Meeting Room

Go to your Instant Meeting dashboard and click on new meeting room.
Choose a name. The slug will be created automatically but you can change it if you want. You can also add team members.
Click on Create meeting room. Your room will now appear on your Instant Meeting dashboard.
You can edit the name, the slug and the team members.
You can also delete your room.

Our Premium plan allows you to have several Instant Meeting rooms with different URLs.

Both hosts and moderators can create, edit and delete Instant Meeting rooms.

Invite Participants to Your Instant Meeting Room

To invite participants to join you in your room, just click on Copy link and share the link.

Access Your Instant Meeting Room

To access your room, click on Access room.
Allow access to your microphone and your camera.

Your audio and video settings will be saved for the next time.

Select your webcam and microphone and click on  Join room.

If you have any issues with your audio and video, please read our full article about it.

If you're the first one in the room, a message will be displayed and you'll be able to copy the link of your room to share it with your participants.

Manage Your Instant Meeting Room

Once in the room, you have several options:

  • You can invite participants by clicking on Invite and then Copy the link to share it.

  • You can unlock/lock the room.

If you lock the room, you will need to Accept or Reject the participants one by one as they join the room.

  • Your dock allows you to unmute/mute your microphone, enable/disable your camera, change your audio/video settings, share your screen and you can go full screen by clicking on the button at the bottom right corner.

  • You can use the chat feature to send messages, share links and files.

  • You can access the Help menu at the bottom left corner of the room.

Leave Your Instant Meeting Room

To leave the room, simply close the browser window! As simple as that!

Compatible Browsers & Devices

Instant Meeting is accessible through a computer and mobile/tablet devices:

  • Chrome v. 54+ (best 65+)
  • Firefox v. 52+ (best 60+)
  • Opera v. 41+ 
  • Safari v. 12.1+
  • Microsoft Edge v.79+
  • via mobile with iOS 12.1+ (on Safari) or Android

Now that you know everything, enjoy your Instant Meeting at any time and everywhere!

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