Contact Livestorm Support

You can contact our Support team from Monday to Friday during our office hours: 

  • 10:00 - 02:00 CET (Paris time)
  • 01:00 - 17:00 PT (Pacific time)

We speak English, French, and Spanish 😄

For support inquiries, you can contact us at
For any sales inquiries, please contact us at

You can also contact us through the Help Widget:

  • On your Livestorm dashboard once connected to your account (at the bottom right of the screen)

  • On the Help Center (at the bottom right of the screen)

In order to offer you faster troubleshooting and resolution, please send us as much information as possible describing your issue. You may find more information in our dedicated article: Working with Livestorm Support.

At Livestorm, we strive to offer you the best support we can, so we kindly ask that you only submit your request one time. This will help us work through the request as quickly as possible without needing to look in different conversations for context just in case. Having said that, if you have reason to believe we did not receive your request, please feel free to follow up.

Level of support Help module Email Chat
Livestorm Basic
Livestorm Premium Monthly Asynchronous
Livestorm Premium Yearly
Livestorm Enterprise Live
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