How to Share a Presentation on Livestorm?

Sharing a presentation is probably the first thing you might find difficult when hosting a webinar. This is mostly because it's important to understand how Chrome and the different apps and operating systems work. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of sharing a PDF, a PPT or a Keynote presentation on Livestorm.


First, to learn how to share your screen you should follow this article. It will show very briefly how the room works, where are all the buttons are, etc. 

⚠️ Remember:  to have your presentation recorded in the webinar replay, you must share your screen. The document upload will not include the slides in the recording at the moment. Ask us to enable that feature.

📚  Tip: Follow these tutorials to learn how to export your presentation in PDF from Keynote and from Powerpoint


You are using a Mac

The best way to present something on Livestorm when using a Mac is to export your Keynote presentation as a PDF. Note that when exporting PDFs, you will not keep the keynote animations.

You have an external monitor:

First, in Livestorm, share the entire screen of your external monitor (screen below):

Then, put your PDF on your external monitor :

You should have something like on that on Livestorm:

Finally, put your PDF in full screen in your external monitor:

You don't have an external monitor:

If you don't have an external monitor, don't worry. Mac users are lucky because they can have multiple virtual desktops and swipe through them all. Meaning you can have one app on desktop 1, another app on desktop 2, etc.

📚 You can learn more about  Mac spaces on the official documentation of Apple.

Follow the following steps:

  • Put your Livestorm window and your PDF presentation inside the same space.
  • Share your screen with Livestorm and select the PDF in the "Application Window" tab.
  • Pass the PDF in full-screen.
  • To navigate between Livetsorm and the PDF, swipe on your trackpad.

Presenting a PowerPoint (or Keynote) on Mac


  • You will have to share the entire screen of your Mac. 
  • Put your Keynote in full-screen.

In full-screen mode, attendees will see your presentation but you won't be able to see the Livestorm webinar room.

There's also a Window Mode that you can use to share a keynote presentation and still be able to see the Livestorm window:

  • When you open your screen sharing, select Keynote.
  • Then press Command+Option+T to hide the toolbar. 
  • Then press Command+Option+I to hide the sidebar. 
  • Then go to View > Slide Only to only show the slides. 
  • Zoom and navigate back and forth through the slides with "fn"+arrow


  • Go to PowerPoint and click "Set up Show" in the "Slide Show" menu.
  • Select "Browsed by an individual (window)".
  • Start your presentation and hide the editor in the toolbar
  • Share your screen on Livestorm > Select the PowerPoint application window

You are using a PC

Using a PC? No problem. We'll walk you through the presentation process on PowerPoint. You can also present using a PDF of course. In that case, follow the first part of this tutorial. They are the same for Mac and PC.

Do you have an extra monitor?

First, make sure your display settings are set as extended:

  1. Share the entire screen of your external monitor on Livestorm.
  2. Put Livestorm on your main screen.
  3. Put your PowerPoint on your external monitor.
  4. In PowerPoint, set the presentation mode on the external screen:

You don't have an extra monitor: 

  1. Click "Slide Show" -> "Set Up Slide Show"
  2. Under "Show type", choose "Browsed by an individual (window)
  3. Click OK.
  4. Go back to Livestorm, share your screen and choose your Powerpoint presentation in the application window. 
  5. You can change your slides and monitor your webinar room by switching back and forth between Livestorm and Powerpoint. 

Alternatively you can save your presentation as PPSX (PowerPoint Slide Show). When you share your presentation under this format, you'll be able to see your toolbar even if you put your presentation in full screen mode. Same would apply if you put your presentation on "Reading View".

Using Google Slides

Instead of using Powerpoint or Keynote or a PDF you can also use Google Slides. Note that you can import your Powerpoint presentations and PDFs into Google Slides.

Google Slides has one main advantage, you can have a presentation mode with full-screen mode on or off. Meaning you can pass slides in presentation mode sharing your browser window and go back easily to Livestorm.

 First, in Livestorm, you must share the Chrome window with your Google Slides. Make sure to select "Application Window".

Then if your Google Slides are ready, you can hit "present" on the corner right. This will pass the slides in presentation mode, meaning you will be able to pass slides like in a presentation.

To toggle between the full-screen mode and just browser mode you can click on the icon below:

Uploading a Document (Learn more here)

Instead of using screen sharing, you can directly upload your slides inside your webinar room. Click on "Actions" > "Share a media" on top and add a new file or select an existing one. With this feature,  you can present slides without leaving your Livestorm window.

Presentations must be in the PDF format, meaning you won't keep your powerpoint transitions. Don't try to upload PPT  or Keynote  files.

⚠️ Remember:  to have your presentation recorded on the webinar replay, you must share your screen. The document upload will not include the slides in our classic replay. However, we have a new replay which is available in private beta that'll record your shared media 🎉 Ping us in the chat or shoot us an email at so we can activate it for your account 😉

Click on "Share a media" to open the upload pop-up:

Click on the dashed area to select a document or drag and drop a file in the zone:

If you add a new presentation:  make sure you upload it before you start the webinar, the upload and processing time can take a little while depending on the size of the presentation. ⚠️ ⚠️ Don't close the pop-up window while the file is processing. ⚠️ ⚠️  It could result in bugs.

Click on the arrows to change slides or use the slides picker:

If you want to remove it, click on the cross in the top-right corner:

Media FAQ

Who can download the presentation?

If you want your PDF to be downloadable by your attendees, you can activate this option in your webinar settings (General settings > Webinar room > "Allow attendees to download shared PDF presentations"). 

If that box is checked, your attendees will be able to click on the download icon on the top-right corner.

Is the presentation available on the replay?

Not at the moment but this is something we're working on. We have a new replay in beta that'll record all your shared media (PDF and MP4) though! Ping us in the chat or shoot us an email at so we can activate it for your account ;)

Is the presentation supported for mobile users and compatibility mode (older browsers)?

Yes, IE / Safari users will get the presentation as well. Tthe presentation is also available on mobile (reduced to fit screen size), on every OS.