How Do I Customize My Webinar Branding?

In Livestorm, it's pretty easy to add some custom branding to your emails and registration page. In order to do this, scroll to the Design section in your webinar settings. These settings will be applied to both the registration page and the emails.

👉 Thanks to our preview mode, you'll be able to see the changes that you make on your registration page directly.

You can see that you can customize the following properties:

  • The cover image which will be used on the registration page and on emails. The ideal size for the cover image is 1600x600 pixels.
  • The logo of your company which will also be used on the registration page and on emails. The optimal size for the logo is 400x120 pixels. If you don't add a custom webinar logo, we'll grab the one from your account information (120x120px).
  • The main background color.
  • The background and font color of your buttons.
  • The overall font color of your registration page and emails.

If you want to use your own landing page to register your webinar attendees, you can also do that. This would help in cases if you'd like to have complete control over your branding.

Feel free to check out our dedicated article " How to use your own landing page?" for more information 🙌

If you'd like to edit your webinar emails or create templates from scratch, please check out our article: How Do I Customize & Edit My Webinar Emails?