How Does the Sidebar in the Webinar Room Work?

In this article, we'll cover the basics of the sidebar inside the webinar room.

How to use the Chat

The chat tab is public. Meaning everyone can post in the chat and messages will be visible to everyone. 

If you want to mention someone in the chat, you can just type "@" and the name of the participant (e.g @johndoe). You can also send Dropbox and Drive links by clicking on the icons at the bottom.

The host and moderators can click on the ••• icon beside a chat message to "delete message," in case you made a typo or want to remove an attendee's message.

How to use the Questions tab?

The questions tab is dedicated to the attendees. Meaning only the attendees can ask questions. They will also be able to upvote the questions. 

Only hosts and moderators can reply to these questions - by clicking on "Reply". 

Questions will be public and visible to all attendees unless you select the option "private questions" in the Webinar Settings > Webinar room. Private questions mean that only the host and moderators can view all the questions. 

Live Answer

You can also choose to send live answers to any question!

In order to send live answers, the steps are pretty easy. When you're on stage, just click " Start live answer" below any question. Each attendee in the webinar room will get a pop-up window containing the question you're answering to. You and your attendees can also minimize or drag / move the popup. This way it won't get ahead of your presentation 😉

You can end your live answer by clicking on " I'm done answering". This will also generate an automatic written reply stating that you've answered live. You can always go back and edit that answer as you prefer. For example, this would be useful if you'd like to add any links that you've mentioned during your live answer. 

How to use the Polls tab

Sending polls is easy. To set them up, go inside the webinar room, click on the Polls tab, and then click on "add a poll". You can't set up the polls in the Webinar Settings, you must go into each respective webinar room to add polls.

Note that the polls can only be sent by hosts and team members. The results are displayed in real-time. They are anonymous and available to everyone live. However, in your dashboard, you will be able to see everyone's answer to a specific poll. 

To add a brand new poll, click on "New poll" in the top right corner. Write your question and different answer options. Tick the checkbox to allow your attendees to send multiple answers. 

We save all of your previously added polls, so you can easily add them to future webinars or sessions. Just select the ones you want to add and click on "add # draft polls" at the bottom.

Once you've added them as drafts, you can go ahead and publish it in advance or simply publish it live during the webinar. 

⬆️ Here we have the team member view of the polls. Hosts and team members can view both the percentage of answers as well as the number of responses. All in real-time.

⬆️ Here we have the attendee view. Your participants can submit polls once they've been published. They can view the percentage of answers, all in real-time.

What's the People tab?

The people tab will list any registrant or contributor who has entered the webinar room. 

  • A green dot means they are currently online. If the webinar hasn't started yet, registrants who are online are on the waiting page. They cannot see the webinar room yet.  
  • A grey dot means they've clicked on their access link before but are not currently online.

By default, this tab is available to everyone but it can be hidden and only available to the host and moderators. To achieve that, go to your Settings > Webinar room > under "Enable people tab" > select "Hide from attendees". You may also hide your attendee's last names from your attendees. 

Below is the host view of the People tab ⬇️

As a host or moderator, click on the ••• icon to access more options per participant  ⬇️

Note that the screenshots above are from the team member view. Attendees will not be able to see the job title and email address of other attendees. Only the host and moderators can see this.

⬆️ Here is the attendee view of the People tab (when last names are not hidden).

Can I customize the Sidebar?

Yes! The sidebar of the webinar room can be customized from your Webinar Settings > Webinar room tab. Here you can configure the tabs as you like. You may find more in our dedicated article here:

How Do I Hide Chat/Questions/Attendees?

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