Scheduled Meetings

Our scheduled meetings feature allows you to fetch your event types from Calendly and schedule meetings. With this feature, you can then benefit from enriched data on your invitees, equipped meeting rooms, email reminders, follow-ups and much more. Here's a detailed overview of our scheduled meetings feature:

Setting up your meeting types

General settings:

If you need to change the language of your meeting type, you can do it from your general settings. We will translate everything that is visible to your registrants: the registration form, the meeting room, and the emails.

Bear in mind that, if you'd like to edit or change and details of your event type (the title or the duration), you need to do it from Calendly. Make sure to re-sync the Calendly integration afterward: Connecting Livestorm & Calendly

Adding team members:

You can add team members to your Livestorm account in your Team settings > Team members. There are two main roles you can assign to a team member when you add them to your Livestorm account: Host and Moderator. You may find more information about the roles here: How to add team members

Once a team member is added to your account, you can then assign them to your meeting types as Contributors (Meeting type settings > Contributors > Team members). You'll be able to select them when you click " +add a team member": 

This way, they'll be able to access the meeting room from their own Livestorm account. Check the highlight option to have your contributors displayed on the registration page and have their name listed in the emails.

Soon you will be able to add contributors per meeting instead of meeting type. 

Building your registration form

The registration form will help you capture information before your meetings. By default, we require email, first name, and last name. But you can add more: 

  • Click on "+add a field" at the bottom of "Registration fields" to pick other default fields such as city, phone number, address, etc.
  • You can also create custom fields.
  • Drag and drop the fields to reorder your form content.
  • Click on the checkbox to make the field mandatory.
  • You can add your own custom consent as an option.

Setting up the design:

We give you the options to customize your registration page, email and meeting room with your branding. Here are the few things that you can customize:

  • The cover image that will apply to emails (will be converted to black and white and have the secondary color as a layer on it) (Optimal size is 1600x600px)
  • The logo (will override the company logo that is present in your account information) (Optimal size is 400x120px). If you don't add a logo, we'll grab the one from your Team profile (120x120px)
  • The background color of your page and emails
  • The background and font color of your buttons

Configuring the meeting emails:

We send out three emails to your registrants by default. Once registered, they will receive a confirmation and two reminders (one hour and five minutes before). If you want, you can edit them, add a follow-up email or create custom emails from scratch. Feel free to check out our related article for more information 👉How to edit Livestorm emails?

You can pick which notification emails you want to be sent to registrants. Hover over the right hand side and click on the - to remove the email if you don't want to send one. 

You can also choose to set the email signature by team member or remove it completely.

Setting up your room privacy:

Want to have control over your meeting privacy? You can hide the tabs you don't want to appear in the meeting room under "Meeting room" settings. Some can also be set as private (only visible to contributors).

Thanks to our preview mode, you'll see the you'll be able to see the changes that you make on the meeting room directly.

Inviting registrants

In order to invite someone, you can share your registration page with them. You can grab the link from your meeting room. The registration form is specific to each meeting. 

You can also register someone manually right from your meeting room: