Connect Calendly & Livestorm

Calendly is an automated scheduling software that helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails. You can easily create individual or group events, set up your availability preferences, and share your calendar with others. Your invitees pick a time and the event is added to your calendar. Quite simple!

Why connect Livestorm and Calendly?

You can connect your Calendly to Livestorm to export any event types and schedule meetings. Through Livestorm Meet, you can then benefit from enriched data on your invitees, equipped meeting rooms, email reminders, follow-ups and much more.

This integration is only available if you're on the Calendly Premium plan.

How does it work?

The Calendly integration and scheduled meetings are only available for Meet hosts. Data will be sent from Calendly to Livestorm, so it is a one-way integration.

To set up the integration:

1. Copy your Calendly API Key from your Calendly account (available on Calendly's Integrations page).

2. Go to your Livestorm Dashboard

3. Click on "Meetings" then click on "Connect Calendly".

4. Paste your Calendly API Key in the side panel and click on "Sync Calendly".

Livestorm will take a moment to fetch and display all your event types on your dashboard.

Whenever you have a new Calendly event, Livestorm will create a meeting with the registrant's information along with the event details


I can't seem to connect Calendly. Why?

Make sure to check that you've entered the right API key. In order for the integration to work, your Calendly email needs to match your Livestorm account email. 

I can't seem to send my ad hoc meetings to Livestorm. Why?

We don't support ad hoc meetings for now due to Calendly's API limitations. So they won't be sent to Livestorm.

I can't seem to edit my event type on Livestorm. Why?

If you'd like to edit or change the details of your event type (the title or the duration), you need to do it from Calendly. Make sure to re-sync the Calendly integration afterward. 

How can I edit the date and time of a meeting?

All meetings that were scheduled through Calendly need to be managed from Calendly itself. If the meeting was scheduled on Livestorm, you can edit the session directly by clicking "Edit": 

What happens if an event is rescheduled or canceled on Calendly?

If your event was rescheduled, a new meeting with the updated date and time will be created on Livestorm. The previous or canceled meeting will show up under "Past meetings" with a canceled status. 

What happens if I de-sync Calendly?

Livestorm won't be able to get any new meeting types or scheduled meetings through Calendly. However, everything that was fetched before will still be available on Livestorm, so don't worry about losing any data 😉 You can still create meetings on Livestorm to the event types that were recovered from Calendly in the first place.