How Do I Set A Different Host For My Webinar?

Before you continue reading this, bear in mind that the host should not be changed unless you really need to. 

To remind you of the different roles, the host is the only person who can start and end a webinar. A contributor can go on stage but not start a webinar, they can still present the webinar on stage while the host starts and end the webinar without being on stage. You can read this section to learn how to add contributors to your webinars.

To be more "neutral", you can also have a neutral host like: "Acme Team". The first name is "Acme" and the last name being "Team". This enables you to have a more versatile role as a host.

On Livestorm, you have one account per organization with one set of credentials. Meaning that you will share one login across your organization. So, in order to have a different host you will need to:

1. Change your host information on your webinar settings. We usually recommend :

Note that you cannot change the email. This is normal: the host's email is your account email since the host has to login to the dashboard to access the webinar and start it.

2. Ask the new host to log in to the account, go to the webinar and access the webinar room from the dashboard. Once in the webinar room, they will be able to start it.

If the new host was a contributor before, please remove the contributor first